How much does fluidly cost?

Fluidly currently only has one plan: free. Down the road we’re aiming to offer premium plans with fancy graphs, bells, whistles, and kitchen sink. However, our aim to is to get every beer online, which means we understand the importance of offering a free plan. Set up your business.

Is fluidly available on iPhone or Android?

Anyone can access fluidly, using a web browser. We currently don’t have native iOS or Android apps, but that doesn’t mean we won’t. Stay posted.

Do I need a twitter account to create an account?

Yeah. We love twitter and our beta is very twitter centric. We’re confident you won’t regret it.

Can I post on Facebook?

Not yet. We’re almost done with this feature but decided to launch nowish. Stay posted.

What if I mistakenly add the wrong beer? Is it announced?

Only if you announce it. By default, any new kegs or bottles you add aren’t announced. You need to set it to announce in order for it to announce. If you do unintentionally announce a beer however, just pop into Twitter and delete the tweet.