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4 Star Pilsner


Goose Island Beer Company
Chicago, Illinois
Velvet Underbrown

Brown Ale

Heavy Riff Brewing Company
St Louis, Mo
Fly Bye Farmhouse Ale

Specialty Beer

Logboat Brewing Company
Columbia, Missouri
IPA brewed with Mosaic hops
Southside Blonde

Belgian Pale Ale

Perennial Artisan Ales
Saint Louis, Missouri
Drink it ‘straight’ to appreciate the light tartness…Or repeat these words “Ich bin ein Berliner” and add a bit of elderflower, blackberry, or plum syrup just as they do along Kurfürstendamm.
American Pale Ales hold a special place in the Halls o’ Beerdom. They mark a definitive break from Euro-stylings, materials, and ratios. And, despite their obvious breaks from ye Ole Tradition they have somehow managed to become a Traditional Ale themselves. APA's shine with 2-Row malt, a dash of caramel, and a generous handful of American "C" hop. This APA runs a smooth 5% with Cascade's waving the Hop Flag and singing MY PINT TIS OF THEE! GREAT MALT OF LIBERTY! OF THEE I DRINK!

Münchner (Munich)-Style Helles

Urban Chestnut Brewing Company
St. Louis, Missouri
Collaboration Beer with The Block Restaurants. Dubbel Block is inspired by the malty, dark abbey ales of Belgium. Dark fruits, caramel & cocoa flavors. Full rich & moderately sweet before finishing with a dry spicy clove note.
This brew looks at weisbier and doesn't really stray from the classic themes. Moderate Phenols (clove), low noble hop aroma (Hallertau), slightly sweet flavors from Pilsner Malt, some haziness thrown from the proteins in the wheat malt, and a tartness intrinsic to the yeast. Yeast is one of four inherent properties of beer and German Weizen yeasts are some of the most world renowned. At just over 5% its a beer that's good to have as a friend.