Budweiser Budvar (Czechvar) (2015)

Budweiser Budvar (Czechvar)

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Our Czech Premium Lager is beer for light beer lovers. The most gentle heads of the high quality Zatec hop, virgin clear natural water and granules of selected species of Moravian barley make it the beverage of real experts. The 700-year long tradition in production of Ceske Budojovice beer and the unique, 90-day period of maturity increase its unique character. You can taste Budweiser Budvar Czech Premium Lager with all your senses. First of all you will delight your eyes with its beautiful colour and rich dense foam, then you will feel the fine aroma of the hops, in your palm you will stroke the dewy glass and, in the end, you will taste the fine to medium strong bitterness. You will remember well, our perfect lager.

Beer details
  • Style: German-Style Pilsner
  • ibu: —
  • abv: 5.00

Brewery Budweiser Budvar

Ceske Budejovice, CZECH REPUBLIC