Coniston Bluebird Bitter (2015)

Coniston Bluebird Bitter

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Ask for the most standard of beers at any English Pub and the barman will give you type of beer called a Bitter-or Ordinary Bitter. But Coniston's Bluebird is not bitter and it's anything but Ordinary. The best English brews like this are a harmonious balance of malt, hops, yeast: where you can't see where one ingredient ends and another begins. It's rare to find a English beer that travels well, and this one does, a perfect pairing to the arrival of autumn. This was named after a type of boat called a Bluebird, an Englishman named Sir Donald Campbell used it to set several water speed records in the 50s. He died in an accident on The lake he raced on Coniston, NE England, his Bluebird was going over 300 MPH.

Beer details
  • Style: Ordinary Bitter
  • ibu: —
  • abv: 0.00

WH Brakspear & Sons