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Contact High is our summer seasonal inspired by the American craft movement. We made this wheat ale exciting by adding pacific northwest hops and dry hopping with orange zest. Contact high pours a bright orange hue with a bit citrus aroma. citrus zest + hops + wheat = summer.
One of the coolest styles in the BJCP (Beer Judge Certification Program) as its development came out of American Homebrewing! This is where our Brown comes from as well. We keep this beer riding a line between chocolate bitterness and coffee roast and support it with American Hops as well. Brown Beer is one of our favorite styles and has a lengthy history due to the fact that most malt kilning plants in ages past were using direct heat to roast and kiln. It was a lot harder to keep malt light in color back in the day, but we've got most of it down to a science now.
Chances are good you've not had a Mild Ale. Reason? The times-they-are-a-changin. Mild Ale is a fine drinkin ale- it is meant to be consumed absolutely fresh- but it has by today's standards a very low ABV which has unfortunately is not as sexy as that 7.2% late hopped uberkool IPA everybody is talking about. Thats fine. Mild Ale don't care. Guess What? Dig on its tawny brown color! Its subtle First Gold Hop note! Herbs! Caramel! Roast! Yeast you can TASTE! All in a 3.9% ABV package. I tell you what. If this doesn't catch on like it first did in the 17th Century I'll eat my rotary phone. (note: I will not eat my phone)
Reverance Series. Our brewmaster Florian admittedly hasn’t dabbled in ciders too often. So when he described UCBC’s very first cider, Bushelhead, as estery and a little ‘winey’ we weren’t sure if he wasn’t being a bit ‘whiney’ himself. So we’ve declared that besides being a cider, “Bushelhead” is a homonym meaning; ‘winey, ‘strong cider’, or ‘whiney’. Thus our tagline – “Bushelhead – A bushelhead, bushelhead created by bushelhead brewers.”
Ms. Sally

American-Style Pilsener

Modern brewery
St Louis, Missouri

American-Style Imperial Stout

Modern brewery
St Louis, Missouri
Bavarian Style Wheat Beer

Münchner (Munich)-Style Helles

Urban Chestnut Brewing Company
St. Louis, Missouri