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fluidly allows businesses to manage, promote and better understand their beer with one simple interface

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Our key features

Twitter posting

Who has the keys to your business twitter account? Keep it simple and secure: with fluidly anyone on staff can post beer news. Simple, canned, beer news posts.

Live beer menu

Keep new and loyal customers in the loop with a real time, online list of your kegs, bottles and cans.


When did you last load that beer? How long did it last? What sits on the taps too long? Let’s get the real numbers: answer these questions with fluidly.

Mobile friendliness

Our touch friendly web interface makes it easy to manage your taps with a tablet or phone. Try it out.

Work fluidly, manage fluidly, learn fluidly.

Your benefits


Fluidly is a beer tracking app for businesses. It helps businesses quickly and easily track every time they load new beers, kegs or bottles.


You keep your list up to do date on fluidly and with a click of a button you can announce your lists or any changes on your social accounts.


Track every beer you add to your menu: bottle or keg. How long has it lasted? What’s popular? Is that smoked jalapeño hopped up lager not really selling? Best not to order 4 kegs of it next time.


Fluidly is in beta. Sign up now and start managing your beer and learning the value of every drop.

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